Thread Pulls & Twinkranes in Cork

Great to see Thread Pulls again over the weekend, playing on Friday at the Crane Lane Theatre in Cork. They make some racket for just two fellas and a (small) bit of machinery. One of the highlights of the gig was this, from their New thoughts album that came out last year on Osaka.

I'm not sure about the choice of venue, although it was quite amusing watching what the Crane Lane weekend "regulars" made of sparse rock 'n roll, stripped to the bone. Not as entertaining as the gig itself, mind you.

I spoke to them when they played in Cork last year, you can check out that interview here.

Also on the double bill were fellow Dubliners Twinkranes, a band I hadn't seen before. They brought drums and organ, with electronics, and were pretty impressive in a driving, krautrock kind of way. We like a bit of motorik, in fairness. You'll get an idea from this.

And have a look at their eye-catching hanging backdrop here.


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