Roll The Dice – Aridity (from the album Until silence, Leaf)

Centrepiece and crowning glory from the Swedish duo’s wonderful third album.

Ominous bass drum thuds set the bleak urban scene, industrial rattles fill the middle ground, a lonely piano line front and centre.

Then the orchestra cruises in with a melody of stately melancholy, carrying the sense of human toil and ambition under attack from an indistinct tumult of external sources.

It’s becoming a bit of a cliché these days to describe a piece of music as being widescreen or cinematic, but this one has a genuine emotional sweep to it.

It’s all over before you want it to be, leaving you bereft just like the protagonists of the narrative. (It's also free to download on their bandcamp page here.)

*Check also the air raid sirens, clattering backbeat and stabbing strings of ‘Perpetual motion’ for a later chapter in RTD’s compelling narrative.


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