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Over the summer, I took part in a recording of a round table chat about Sir Henry’s from the early 1980s until early 2000s. This was to coincide with the Sir Henry’s Exhibition which runs at The Boole Library in UCC until September 25th and is well worth a visit. It manages to go beyond a mere nostalgia exercise to provide a document of the period, a social history even, of the sub-cultures that gravitated around the legendary rock and later club venue. By extension, there's a hidden history of Cork music and Cork in general running through the exhibition. Updates on facebook here and associated blog here -

The recording was organised by Jim Morrish who presents the Odds n Sods show on UCC98.3FM, and also featured Paul McDermott of Dublin City FM (also formerly of UCC98.3FM) and Morty McCarthy of The Sultans of Ping. All four of us were qualified only in this way – we're all music fans and had attended loads of gigs in Sir Henry’s over the years.

As far as I can remember, my first time in Sir Henry’s at a gig - Sir Henry’s was also open at weekends in those days as a bar which screened music videos - was in May 1987 (the night before one of my school summer exams in 5th year, if I’m not mistaken). It was a multi-band show, a Battle of the Bands organised by Dublin music magazine Hot Press. Five bands played but most of the crowd were there only to see Cork band The Belsonic Sound, who I would still say were the best ever live band I’ve seen to come out of Cork. Despite playing a storming gig, the Belsonics were done out of the top prize by the little-remembered Azure Days (although their single ‘Blow my clouds away’ was a fine tune). This decision was greeted with profound disappointment by the partisan crowd in Henry’s when announced by Stevie Bolger, the MC and Cork local radio stalwart at the time. Carling were the sponsors of the event and poor Stevie found some of that brew flung all over his shiny suit. As I remember, he rose above the hostility gallantly, saying something like, “unpopular choice obviously”.

Anyway, you can hear more about that in Part 1 below. As you might expect, this chat among friends about good times went on for a number of hours so in the end it was divided up into five sections. It was all recorded and edited together by Kieran Hurley of UCC98.3FM, interspersed with music from the bands in question. Enjoy.

The years 1983-1988 featuring the great Microdisney, Cypress, Mine!, The Pogues & Elvis Costello, The Stunning, The Belsonic Sound, The Damned, The Wedding Present, Stump, 5 Go Down To The Sea, That Petrol Emotion & Big Audio Dynamite.

Sir Henrys Part 1 1983-1988 by Ucc98.3fm on Mixcloud

The years 1989-1991 featuring. A House, The Sisters of Mercy’s secret gig and Andrew Eldritch’s cigarette stub, The Sultans of Ping, The Golden Horde, Cork Rocks 1991, Dancing Bastards from Hell, The Whipping Boy, Echo & the Bunnymen & Toasted Heretic.

Sir Henrys Part 2 1989-1991 by Ucc98.3fm on Mixcloud

The years 1991-1992 featuring music from Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Babes in Toyland, The Shanks, The Would Be’s and Stereolab, and quite a bit of chat about THAT Sonic Youth/Nirvana show in August 1991 at Sir Henry’s.

Sir Henrys part 3 1991 1992 by Ucc98.3fm on Mixcloud

The years 1993-1994 including LMNO Pelican, the opening of The Village and Shane Fitzsimons as promoter, and somewhat legendary shows by Mercury Rev, My Bloody Valentine, Fatima Mansions, Pavement and Sebadoh.

Sir Henrys Part 4 1993- 1994 by Ucc98.3fm on Mixcloud

The years 1994-2000, inc Ash, Manic Street Preachers, The Forum as a venue (the part of the building behind Sir Henry’s...”terrible room, terrible sound, horrible venue”...), Mic Christopher’s The Mary Janes’ ill-fated headline in place of the cancelled Dodgy, Frank Sidebottom, Aidan Walsh & Cow in the Water, The Cork Music Resource Co-op, The Fall and Super Furry Animals/Grandaddy at Freakscene, Ian Brown, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and more.

Sir Henrys Part 5 1994-2000 by Ucc98.3fm on Mixcloud


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