Skelocrats – Lyin eyes (Popical Island)

Another very tasty line in progressive pop from the Popical Island crew.

This one has a lovely loping country rock jangle going on and crucially a sublime soulful female lead vocal from Bronwyn Murphy-White to go with the insinuating melody.

For Beatles fans there’s even a perfectly appointed half-beat bridge complete with an exit consisting of a rising figure you miss once it’s over.

Until the glorious vocal falsetto in the final chorus.

I’m not even sure what the song is about – deception, mal intent loosely, providing a satisfying antidote to the sweet musical arrangement.

But it’s all about the songwriting which is sharp and succinct and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.


  1. hello there conor o'toole, you spooked me out a bit for a minute with a name like that!


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