Dieterich & Barnes – The coral casino (Living Music Duplication)

A brilliant, slightly delirious album full of genius twists and turns from John Dieterich of Deerhoof and Jeremy Barnes of Neutral Milk Hotel, A Hawk & A Hacksaw and others.

Improvisation is the order of the day across 11 instrumental tunes which veer somewhere between the poles of Tortoise and Can.

So you have the muscular jazz rock tones of ‘Out and about’, the space pop wig out of ‘Philae lands on Comet 67’, the European horror soundtrack feel of ‘Parasol gigante’ and the dub inflected ‘People person’.

The drumming is particularly satisfying, crisp and upfront and assertive and an excellent foil for the shifting, swooning guitar and synth work.

Well worth your time, this piece of work.

*This film where John and Jeremy “interview” each other at a piano will tell you little about the album on the face of it – although some underlying conceptual themes do creep through – but it is extremely entertaining.


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