Cory Hanson – The unborn capitalist from limbo (Drag City)

A sweet left turn from the Wand frontman into gorgeous string soaked psych folk territory.

With a voice knowing like early Marc Bolan but vocal delivery straight and earnest like Nick Drake.

Beautiful things that will stick with you from this record.

The brilliant slow build of the title track, with a string playout that is balm for the soul.

The soft shoe boogie, strident string section and killer up and down vocal melody of ‘Replica’.

The hushed major seventh mood of ‘Violent moon’, with plaintive cello accompaniment.

The line “ordinary people took my mother from me” amid a string section throbbing one minute and soaring the next, irresistible but emotionally fraught.

The swooning melancholy of the highlighted vocal on ‘The garden of delight’.

The all round intrigue and arms length psych feel of the set.

A wonderful wonderful piece of work.


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