The Doomed Bird of Providence - Collision/Detection v7

One of the things I consistently welcomed in 2012 was the arrival of the latest in the Collision/Detection series on the Front & Follow label. This is an audio project whereby artists submit audio clips into a pot, and then draw from that pot to create new sounds.

We’re on to v7 now and it sees the return of The Doomed Bird of Providence (at least to my world).

Here’s the full blurb on what’s contained.

1. In the terror of the moment
This piece was written to accompany the climatic scene towards the end of the 1927 film adaption of Marcus Clarke's 'For the Term of His Natural Life'. It involves a ship sinking on stormy seas and the two main characters anticipating watery graves.

2. Safety at sea
Written for part of a 20 minute 'safety at sea' documentary involved lightships, lighthouses and model boats often replacing real ones for the more dramatic scenes. It is possibly the most jolly piece of music ever released by the band.

3. Seabound
Written to accompany Donna Kendrigan's 1997 animation 'Seabound'. The animation involved is a sort of high seas Brothers Quay incorporating a drunken seaman, prosthetic limbs and a captured mermaid.

4. The wounded platelayer
A piece to accompany part of what is left of Australia's first ever feature 'The Story of the Kelly Gang' (1906). Most of this film has been destroyed, the rest suffering nitrate damage which has left only distorted fragments of the Kelly Gang's capture.

You can obviously listen for yourselves but I take these tunes as the elevation of the sea shanty to a new level, bringing a heightened sense of place and atmosphere. On the subject of which, apparently the follow up to their debut album, Will Ever Pray , is to be announced soon, which is great to hear.

And EPs from Isnaj Dui (v8) and Sone Institute (v9) are still to come in this venerable series.

The label adds –

Then in early summer we will be releasing a CD box set of the whole series, the first edition of which will be very limited, in a letterpressed package by Red Plate Press, and featuring exclusive content - more news on this very soon too!

Don’t you just love things that are curated properly?


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