Julia Holter – Sea calls me home (from the album Have you in my background, Domino Records)

There’s one kind of thing where artists favour the avant garde while making nods in the direction of pop music.

There’s another kind of thing where artists make pop music (and even better, avowedly) with the fringes teased by avant gardery.

The last Julia Holter album, Loud City Song, seemed to me to have the aloofness of the former, some great moments but ultimately standoffish.

This new album has patented an engaging brand of mutated showtunes, of which this single is a fantastic example.

There’s mouth whistling, crazy but relatable sax solos, synth string arpeggios and a lovely endearing vocal melody.

There’s a distinct warmth to it but still an intriguing strangeness.

It is (avowedly) pop music gone weird and don’t you just love it.


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