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Playlist 508: Mar 2020, Quarantine of Hope Mix (44)

These are a bunch of songs. Primarily they’re all songs or tunes I love. They all mean something to me. But I was also thinking about music during a pandemic. Music that can unite as all the best music does. That’s universal. Music when you’re stuck somewhere – at home, maybe, or somewhere not many other people are – and what it can do for you. Music when you’re looking for meaning. Music when you’re isolated. Distanced. Music when you need hope or inspiration or comfort. Or an uplift. Or strength. Music when you’re worried. It turns out songwriters and composers have addressed these themes. A lot. Like Talking Heads giving paranoia a cathartic groove. Lambchop paying tribute to people in the form of an irresistible soul singalong. Songs of love for someone in particular (I’ll light your way back, You’re the one, Can’t do without you, Heart of chambers). Songs about love more generally (Undying love for humanity, Triumph of a heart)

Playlist 507 - lost in yesterday: New Releases, Mar 2020

New tunes for a new decade. Enjoy. Playlist The Fantasy Orchestra - Flow (Disco-Ordination) Arboretum – A prism in reverse (Thrill Jockey) Cabane feat. Kate Stables & Bost Gehio – Now, winter comes (White Label) Coco – Empty Beach (FCA Records) Craven Faults – Vacca wall (The Leaf Label) Caribou – Never come back (Merge/City Slang) Olafur Arnalds feat. Voces8 – Nyepi (choir version) Daniel Knox – Room key (HP Johnson Presents) Keeley Forsyth – Look to yourself (The Leaf label) Aoife Nessa Frances – Libra (Basin Rock) Dead Famous People – Groovy girl (Fire Records) Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – Exactly what nobody wanted (Moshi Moshi Records) Katie Von Schleicher – Caged sleep (Full Time Hobby) Theatre Royal – A marvellous death (Vacilando ’68) Shadow Show – Contessa (Stolen Body Records) Lewsberg – From never to once M Ward – Migration of souls (Anti Records) Mick Harvey – The Somme (from the soundtrack of the film Waves of Anzac) (Mute) Modern Stu