Thomas Truax Interview

Thomas Truax is a mad genius. He makes his own instruments. If you don't believe me, go here to find out more -

He's also just released the first in a series of monthly journals for 2011, a song called January egg race dream. It's available to download for free here.

January Egg Race Dream by Thomas Truax

It's got a strolling, slightly sinister, atmosphere with a voiceover by Thomas and it all sounds quite like something from a David Lynch film. Which is appropriate, because Thomas' last album was called Songs from the films of David Lynch. I spoke to Thomas when he played in Cork around the middle of 2009, when that album came out. You can listen below. He's charming, he walks through the audience when he plays, he's met David Lynch and the great man admired his shoes. Listen on.

Thomas Truax UOH Interview Podcast by underground of happiness


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