The Elwins – Sittin pretty (Affairs of the Heart)

A Canadian band unknown to me previously but a wonderful discovery at the first green shoots of summer.

For this song is a knock-out slice of sunshine pop, surfing along on jangly electric guitar, self-deprecating faux brass and strings, heart-fluttering mellotrons and a winningly bruised male vocal.

It grabs some kind of forgotten zeitgeist laid down by underappreciated bands like The Zombies, a little, or Harpers Bizarre, who could wrap your heart in knots while giving your brain a workout too. There’s also a touch of the strident power-pop melodies of Jason Falkner, but the tune, although endearingly restless, never strays down the tricksy cul-de-sac that baroque pop can sometimes find, retaining its open-hearted sheen.

An absolute joy.

*And just to increase the joy quotient, here’s another dose, this time in semi-stripped down form involving actual flutes, actual strings and a snowy stroll from house to garden shed.

THE ELWINS - Sittin' Pretty from Southern Souls on Vimeo.


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