Death in the Sickroom – Tonight (Reekus Records)

Debut single from Dublin 4-piece and it’s an absolute belter.

The appearance of a 12-string electric alone makes it something of an event but apart from that there’s plenty more goodness in here.

The tune itself is a blistering jangle pop gem, channelling equal parts Johnny Marr and Paisley Underground.

There’s also a belligerence and bite to it that’s quite delicious. Check these lines –

You’re a lost cause, you’re mindless and fickle
Ignore your sister, she’s twisted and bitter
Leave her alone with the babysitter

It’s most winsome and very clever but not at the expense of memorable hooks. It’s all enough to make you pine for the days when bands like Microdisney and Aztec Camera ruled the airwaves. It would certainly tend to restore your faith in guitar pop.


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