The Chap – Jammer (Lo Recordings)

This came out a couple of months ago. The first new music in a few years from a band I am very fond of, from the upcoming new album of "political rock songs".

On paper their music doesn’t always sound promising, taking as it does elements of Frank Zappa, Deerhoof and krautrock – not natural bedfellows you might say.

This tune features an angular post-punk rhythm – the kind fans of the bad will be familiar with – combined with a shapeshifting melody.

Where before satire has been employed to undercut the grandiose claims of artists (‘We work in bars’), here vocals are dispensed with altogether so that the humour has a more abstract feel.

Well there are vocals, just not words. One voice uses a daydreaming “ba-dee-n-da-da” motif as the main line. The second is something between a forced cough and an exclamation of disgust, not a million miles from a Harry Enfield or even Kenny Everett character tic. The two (on the face of it unrelated) vocal lines are looped and spliced together superbly as the tinny aggressive guitars stack up on all sides.

It’s one of those songs you’ll hum along to absentmindedly with a smile on your face, before wondering what the fuck exactly you're listening to.

Which is to say it’s another ingenious worm of a pop tune.


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