Yorkston Thorne Khan – Little black buzzer (from the album Everything sacred, Domino)

A fantastic musical curio taking in naive pop, folk, jazz and Indian classical music.

The song is written by the great Scottish songwriter Ivor Cutler, the band is James Yorkston, renowned Scottish folk musician, double bass player Jon Thorne and Indian classical singer and sarangi player Suhail Khan.

They make something lithe and supple and swoonsome.

Irish singer Lisa O’Neill, someone whose own work I personally haven’t dug up to now, adds a lovely dual vocal turn.

I’m sitting here on the top of the world with my little black buzzer beside me My bum is cold and my face is white and this is my message to you

as a bass pulse dots the backdrop and assorted drones (sarangi, nyckelharpa?) swoop and slide. Later Khan’s devotional singing just crowns it, a beautiful percussive instrument against the drones.

It's a sweet and lovely thing which takes the charming strangeness of the original and turns it into something ancient sounding.


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