Bonny Doon – I see you (from the album Bonny Doon, Melodic Records)

Bonny Doon sounding like an in their 20s Silver Jews with the poetry and the guitars and the wonderful bittersweet stance on life.

The tone is laconic self deprecating.

But full of emotion in between the lines.

The poetry of these says it all -

liquor store
slippery floor
I saw my reflection in a bottle of wine
like a neon sign

And especially this coup de grace –

I got a couple of texts from my mom
one said happy birthday
and the other one was a smiley face
a sideways heart
we miss you won’t you come on home

Meanwhile the guitars and drums keep a stoic presence.

It's soulful in the way white people can sometimes be.

It’s a very beautiful thing.


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