Playlist 480 - Feb 27 2018

Meet Benin City. The lads in the sharp suits. Sharp tunes too.

Nisantashi Primary School have nothing to do with Japan. They're a 3-piece from Kiev and have a very tasty brand of rudimentary IDM w punk funk shadings.

The Brackish are a band from Bristol playing lovely instrumental post rock not a million miles from Tortoise.

Josh T Pearson is back with a collection of brash pop songs.

And The Saxophones making a most alluring dream pop.

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The Underground of Happiness
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Playlist 480
Tues Feb 27 2018
(repeated on Tuesdays 8.30pm)
UCC 98.3FM
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Spindle Ensemble – Moonbow (playing South Bank Centre, London, Mar 16)
Alex Stolze – Alkorhythmus
Jack Hayter – At Crossness Pumping Station
The Brackish – By Monday
The Monochrome Set – Give me your youth (playing Half Moon, London, May 19)
Josh T Pearson – Straight at me (playing Whelan’s, Dublin, May 18)
De Lux – 875 dollars
Nisantashi Primary School – Mr Fingers
Benin City – Final form
The Saxophones – Aloha (playing The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, May 17)
Mouse on Mars – Tear to my eye
The Bill Smith Quartet – Blow the man down
Marilyn Monroe – I’m through with love (from the soundtrack of the film Some Like It Hot)
Cormac O Caoimh – Have you built yourself well (playing The West’s Awake, Ennis, Co Clare, Mar 3)

*next week's show features music from BOYTOY, Wussy & Modern Studies, among others

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