Caroline Says – No fool like an old fool (Western Vinyl)

The second album from Caroline Sallee – from Alabama by way of Austin – following quickly on from last year’s wonderful 50,000,000 Elvis fans can’t be wrong.

It picks up on that album’s most interesting (to me) thread.

Banks of backing vocals. Cooing and swooping in unexpected ways. As on her debut album much more than a background affair. In many ways more expressive than the lead vocal which has a deadpan quality.

It’s very lovely for that. Maybe hushed would be a better word. In fact the press release informs that the album was recorded in Sallee’s apartment with the vocals often done late at night. Sometimes a necessity can become a virtue.

Elsewhere there are baroque touches reminiscient of Grizzly Bear. For example the jarring but melodic intervention at the opening of the 2nd verse of ‘First song’.

Also the sublime use of a soul sample on ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.

The excellent itchy hi hat work on ‘Rip off’.

The sheer deadpan stoicism of the whole thing.

Another album that grows and grows until you have a triumph on your hands.


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