Playlist 537 - Instrumental Mix: March 2023

A mix of some of my favourite instrumental music.

There are some vocals involved here, I hear you say, but voices used in an instrumental way, I would say. Non lyrical voices, let's say.

What strikes me listening back is the range of emotions in these tunes.

Romantic. Melancholy. Reverie. Delirious. Stoic. Noirish.

Beauty and strangeness.

Electronic. Stringed. Ambient.

Gothenburg. Tokyo. Dublin. Down. Philadelphia. Berlin. Tucson. Toronto.



Ennio Morricone – Come Maddalena (EMI)
Moondog – Theme (Columbia)
Áine O’Dwyer – For the souls of our fleas (Fort Evil Fruit)
Faten Kanaan – Ebla (Fire Records) (playing Union Chapel, London, Apr 28, w/ Colin Stetson)
Silver Servants – Spailing farrows (Second Language)
Pieter Nooten – Lo-fi lullaby (Rocket Girl)
Maggie Bjorklund – Flow (Tompkins Square) (Luke Schneider presents Imaginational Anthem Vol XI: Chrome Universal – A survey of modern pedal steel)
Edward Williams – Japanese macaques-Warm baths in a snowscape (Trunk Records) (from the soundtrack of the tv series Life on Earth)
Bróna McVittie – Phantasmagoria (Instrumental version) (bandcamp)
Joe Hisaishi – Procession of the spirits (Studio Ghibli Records) (from the soundtrack of the film Spirited Away)
Noveller – Gathering the elements (Fire Records)
Angele David-Guillou – Ubari Sand Sea (Village Green)
Syrinx – Tillicum (RVNG Intl.)
Kamasi Washington – Truth (XL)
Aerial M – Dazed and awake (Drag City)
Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler – Laurent and Bernadette (Thrill Jockey)
Craig Fortnam – Gigant (bandcamp)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Labyrinth II (Western Vinyl)
Biobiopatata – Pale blue care (Alien Transistor) (Alien Parade Japan)
Li De La Russe (Delia Derbyshire) – Delia’s Psychedelian Waltz (Trunk Records)
Tape – Sand dunes (Morr Music)
Seti The First – La bassinette noire (bandcamp)
Anna von Hausswolff – The marble eye (City Slang)
Trees Speak – Palantír (Soul Jazz)
Cluster – Sowiesoso (Sky Records)


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