EDM - Night people (Western Vinyl)

EDM - Night people (Western Vinyl)

You'll have heard of Bloomington, Indiana's progressive rockers Early Day Miners (their 2009 album The treatment was a particular favourite round these parts), now shortened to this acronym. Very reminiscient in places of ex-Cardinal Richard Davies' psych-folk/pop solo style (that's only a good thing), but with extra prog stylings. So you have the dense, galactic instrumental Milking the moon (a bit like a slowed-down Wooden Shjips), also the stirring folk-rock-with-recorder of Turncoats, the itchy psych-guitar of Hold me down, the insistent, circling melodies of Stereo/Video. The initials are no drawback. A fine, fine album.

Stereo/Video free d'load: http://westernvinyl.com/audio/WV90.SV.mp3


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