Jherek Bischoff, new video

We've already mentioned Jherek Bischoff's wonderful new album, Composed, on Leaf this side of the Atlantic (Brassland in the U.S.). A new video has just seen the light of day for the track Young and lovely, which features guest vocals from Zac Pennington (of Parenthetical Girls) and Soko.

The tune is a brilliant, head-spinning combination of fast-paced sections with swooning string flourishes, and brass band style waltzes.

Here's a little background on the video from the director.

"The video for YOUNG and LOVELY is a retelling of the Roman myth of Aurora... more or less. It's also a collaboration with our Melbourne family -- the friends Jherek and I made while recording in Australia during the Spring of 2012. We shot in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne, and in an amazingly wonderful and beautifully weird penthouse (generously lent by David Walsh of the MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania)." - Michael McQuilken, director


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