Kramies - Inventors video

One of our favourite labels, the Perth-based Hidden Shoal, is 6 years old this month. I'm not sure if the term 'boutique' applies, but there's certainly a care and attention to detail about everything they do that is very satisfying.

And as if to take this approach to a new level, label manager Cam Merton has post-produced and edited the new video for Inventors by Kramies. That's the centrepiece of Kramies' recent EP The European (full name Kramies Windt, he's Dutch originally, but domiciled in the US for some time), from which we featured several tracks on the show when it came out, and which was produced by regular Guided By Voices collaborator Todd Tobias - more about him later in the month. Inventors is a lovely, leisurely slice of dream-pop, blissed out and shimmering. Happy Birthday Hidden Shoal, keep doing what you're doing.


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