Brother Earth – Out like a lion (Hidden Shoal)

There’s a very pleasing psych feel to this track from GBV and Circus Devils alumnus Todd Tobias, in conjunction with Steve Five on vocals (from The Library is on Fire).

What do I mean by psych? In this case, a stealthy clicked rhythm with plucked acoustic guitar to open. Later, an intriguing offkey punctuation of strings? synths? expiring guitars? (I’d also say offbeat except that these soundbursts occur on the beat.) Followed by gradual decrescendo in a minor key.

The vocal has a mantra-like quality – “in like a lamb and out like a lion, I’ll walk you through the waste” – and hushed tones reminiscient of Elliot Smith.

Like Elliot Smith at his best, this tune is hardly there at all in one way, it's kinda wispy. However, the elements are so brilliantly and subtly put together, you'll find you'll need repeated listens to figure them out.

Haunting stuff. There's an album on the way from Brother Earth, stay tuned.


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