Tune-Yards – Water fountain

Another one from a few months back that hasn't made it here yet.

Merrill Garbus seems to find currents in the pop ether that nobody else has noticed.

So here's the perfectly boisterous and catching first single from the current album Nikki Nack . It's a clapping song, which I suppose some people might take as a negative. It isn't.

As well as percussive flesh, there's also more lovely, slinky basslines from Nate Brenner, assorted electronic whipcracks and a series of overlapping, gloriously soulful vocals.

The topic is water politics in California. But Tune-Yards have wrapped it in a tune so uplifting and vibrant, you won't be able to stop yourself from signing the petition.

A reason to sing x Protest music + Irresistible tune = Top class pop music

*Check the equally wonderful 'Hey life', which features more knock-out, elastic poly rhythms. In particular, pay attention to the genius Merrill brings to bear on the vocal layers after the breakdown. Wowee. (I also love the backing band - apart from being a real crack squad, they're a hoot to watch.)

**They're in Europe at the moment you know, including at Electric Picnic at the end of the month.


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