Myles Manley – Pay me what I’m worth (Trout Records)

Another genius turn from the Sligoman, taking his acerbic, literate pop up a few gears to “fast pace” for a change.

The result is a brilliantly snarky commentary on audience expectation which retains just the faintest suspicion of self-deprecation. Recently, you might recognise the energised soulfulness of Ezra Furman in it. At under 2 minutes it’s over way too soon (always a good thing).

The lead vocal is smooth, the drumming satisfyingly blunt, the backing vocals suitably strident but the crowning glory of this mini-masterpiece is the inspired keyboard solo to finish (credit to Cal Folger Day, I’m told). It contains some frantic Devo DNA and reminds me also of Steve Naive’s finest agitated moments for Elvis Costello & The Attractions. I’ll wager you’ll find yourself humming and head-bopping along to it all day in an only-you Silent Disco.

On any level it's a triumph and is worth paying for handsomely.


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