Jean Jacques Perrey & David Chazam – Electropop parade (from the album ELA, Freaksville)

And a quick one to finish the month, one to file between Esquivel and your favourite Disney soundtrack classics.

Perrey is one of the original concrete artists and something of a Moog maestro having been drafted (or drafted himself) in to test the instrument by Mr Moog himself way back when. Chazam is the young French knob-twiddler who took him up on his invitation to collaborators in 1996. I'd recommend you check the full backstory at the bandcamp below.

This tune is just a joy, a riot, a hoot. It's actually a version of Perrey's own 'Baroque Hoedown' which has been used by Disney as part of its theme park parades. So plenty of pop references crawling inside themselves if you're bored.

Which you won't be listening to this.


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