Marcus Hamblett – Three four (from the album Concrete)

A gorgeous dreamy instrumental from the Brighton man’s new album.

Spirals of low slung guitar float over jazz-inflected octave patterns until washes of cool synth create a mood that is somehow both langurous and searching. It’s wonderfully Tortoise but taking things so at its own pace that it carves very much its own space.

The later stages see a gearshift into sublime Ennio Morricone territory courtesy of the kind of absentmindedly hummed la-la vocal the maestro (and Edda Dell Orso) would have been proud of. It’s a subtle shift but a glorious one adding a further layer of intimacy to something already full of low key emotion. And it succeeds in pleasing the ear while giving the heart a lovely unsettling rush which is endlesly satisfying.

A timeless thing of rare beauty.


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