A Dyjecinski – The Valley of Yessiree (Sideways Saloon Recordings)

There’s a word made for a certain tempo in music. According to me anyway. Lugubrious. I love lugubrious. Slow moving. Slow turning. Space to breathe. Meditative. Melancholy too.

A Dyjecinski does great lugubrious.

With a whiff of Lambchop and Bill Callahan, and for those in the know Boa Morte. Subtle shadings of brass and steel guitar and centrally a deep baritone voice on the verge of cracking. Those touchstones shown in post punk guitar distortions fizzing around country soul lounge shapes.

And a most pleasing way with a lyric.

“A spectacular failure is spectacular all the same”

On ‘I’m the woods’ he leaves lugubrious behind briefly and comes off a little like Antony Hegarty, his voice bending and pleading. Which only adds further weight and power to the great slow train when it returns.

A wonderful sound.


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