The Goon Sax – Sometimes accidentally (from the album Up to anything, Chapter Music)

The highpoint from a debut album of very endearing indie pop guitar tunes from this teenage Brisbane trio.

A pummelling floor tom drum. A circling acoustic guitar line. A defiantly chugging bass. Which all adds up to no nonsense.

But the vocal demurs. It’s a love song of sorts. But it dwells on feeling inferior to other suitors. It’s all refreshingly uncertain and hangdogish.

Making a tangy contrast with the music.

*In fact, this gender twisting continues on the snappy single from the album 'Boyfriend'.

If I had a boyfriend / I'd treat him so right / and we could break your heart / so you see how I feel / I need a boyfriend / or just anything real

It would remind you of another Brisbane band, The Go Betweens, and in fact one of this band is the son of Robert Forster.

You know you’re getting old when the sons of the bands you love are forming bands. As long as they’re keeping up the family business we can all grow old without a care.


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