Entrance – Promises (from the EP Promises, Thrill Jockey)

Appropriately entrancing chamber cut from Guy Blakeslee aka Entrance.

The title track of the EP has an anguished tone with a slightly haunted grace note courtesy of a chorus of filtered female voices.

Blakeslee’s own voice has a hint of Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes about it, but his would be the lower key yang to Gano’s feverish yin.

Maybe traces too of Elliot Smith in the raw heart on sleeve aesthetic and Scott Walker in the unhurried elegance of the orchestral arrangements and a particularly effective tympani like drumbeat.

Time is the theme, or rather our approach to it, and life. There’s a deep pull to these lines.

If we only kept half of our promises
We might even earn the right to exist

A majestic introduction.


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