The Monochrome Set – Cosmonaut (from the album Cosmonaut, Tapete Records)

There’s a great swagger about this title track from the 13th album by The Monochrome Set, who are something of a cultural institution at this stage.

Bid is in excellent and provocative voice and the guitars (12 string Rickenbacker by the [wonderful] sounds of it) roll around with a fantastic barrelling energy.

Don’t take my word for it, this is the Tapete one sheet -

The title track opens with a Theremin cyber fly buzzing towards your skull before the song hits, launching you into a mirror dimension that is both familiar and alien. The whole album is a trip that starts with a hallucinating cash-till lady, then travels through dream-sets involving cannibalism, disaffected squirrels, strange gods, dying sweethearts, sexual depravity, Alzheimer's, backward evolution, and ends in an operating theatre, amid a sea of medical tentacles.

In short, a camping holiday.

Very good. You would need an antidote of this order to get hrough the whole Butlins experience.

Invigorating and poetic post punk.


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