John Hynes – Caroline, I’m yours

An outstanding piece of songwriting, and singing, from this Kildare singer.

A nylon stringed guitar, a spare stalking bassline, a pleasingly slow shuffle, a torch song, a ballad, a love letter soaring and straining.

It comes on reasonably traditional on the face of it...and yet there are barbs.

It takes a poet to be wrong about you


I wanted just a sense of your beating heart when it hurts.

Enough to tease and make you doubt and force you to listen again.

There’s a hint of the glorious melodrama of Father John Misty, the dark depths of Harry Nilsson and the earnest earned chops of Dublin singer Anderson.

All held together by Hynes’ persuasive croon.

Hell there’s even a keychange and banks of backing vocal oohs.

Greatness beckons.


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