Playlist 493 - My Autumn's done come (Autumn Mix, Oct 2018)

*Dedicated to LK who loves autumn*

Autumn. Fall.

I’ve been threatening to do one of these for a while.
What are autumn songs? What is autumn music?
There are the ones that reference autumn explicitly.
Leaves. Wind. Rain. Colours. Sun lower in the sky. Those unforgettable moons.

But beyond that there’s the metaphor of time passing.
A certain mood.
The beginning of the end of something.
That can still be beautiful.

Lots of music taps into this well for its atmosphere.
A certain meditative quality might be in it.
A contemplation of something.
Maybe nostalgia.
Often a minor key. Or at least bittersweet.

(Possibly related – many of the tracks here feature woodwind. Flutes. Clarinets. Double recorder.
The force of breath? There’s even the sighing of an accordion. And a harmonica.)
There might even be spirits involved. Souls. Halloween. Contact with another world.
Or like birds taking off for warmer climates some kind of migration.
Death or decay.


Lee Hazlewood – My autumn’s done come (MGM/Light in the Attic)
Gene Clark – Echoes (Columbia)
The Byrds – Goin back (Columbia)
The Kinks – Autumn almanac (PYE)
The Dramatics – In the rain (Stax)
The Mamas & Papas – California dreamin’ (Dunhill)
Yo La Tengo – Autumn sweater (Matador)
Colleen – The moon like a bell (Second Language)
Alela Diane & Ryan Francesconi – The sun today (Rusted Blue Records)
Joanna Newsom – Autumn (Drag City)
Nat King Cole – Autumn leaves (Capitol)
Big Star – Nature boy (Omnivore Recordings)
Eden Ahbez – Full moon (Trunk Records)
Laura Cannell – Simultaneous flight movement (Brawl)
Cousteau – Last good day of the year (Global Warming)
Ennio Morricone – Ninna nanna per adulteri (from the soundtrack of the film Cuore di Mamma)
Between – Devotion (Soul Jazz)
Susumu Yokota feat. Nancy Elizabeth – A ray of light (Lo Recordings)
Joe Hisaishi – Procession of the spirits (from the soundtrack of the film Spirited Away)
Nick Drake – Time has told me (Island)
The Magic Lantern – Scattered leaves (Hectic Eclectic Records)
Talk Talk – Myrrhman (Verve)
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – La decadanse (Phillips)
Lambchop – The Saturday option (Merge/City Slang)
John Barry – Theme (from the soundtrack of the film Midnight Cowboy)
Chet Baker – The thrill is gone (Pacific Jazz)
Edward Williams – Birds in flight (from the soundtrack of the tv series Life on Earth)


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