Playlist 494 - Psych/Dream Pop/Kosmische New Releases, October 2018

A selection of miscellaneous favourites from UOH Towers lately.

It so happens they tend around the psych/kosmische/dream pop axis for the most part.

Also a bit of jazz and instrumental, a children's tv soundtrack (Bagpuss) and a concept piece about WWI survivors (Thankful Villages), for good measure.

All new releases.


Todd Tobias & Chloe March – Lillavva (Hidden Shoal)
Darren Hayman – Bigby (Thankful Villages Vol 3, Belka Records in association with The Arts Council and Caught By The River)
Yann Tiersen – Tempelhof (Mute)
The Magic Lantern – Darling day (Hectic Eclectic Records)
Peace Signs – Satellite Hitori (Gare du Nord)
Camera – Super 8 (Bureau B)
Lewsberg – The smile
Methyl Ethel – Scream whole (4AD)
O Emperor – Effort (Big Skin Records)
Hilma Nikolaisen – Only me (Fysisk Format)
Snapped Ankles – Drink and glide (The Leaf Label)
Orchestra of Spheres – Chimes (Fire Records)
Harmony Rockets – Atropos (Tompkins Square)
Sone Institute – Justice - as is (Front & Follow)
Qluster – Xymelan (Bureau B)
Moonchy & Tobias – Bon bon (Hidden Shoal/Tiny Room)
Rattle – Disco (Upset The Ryhthm)
Paula Rae Gibson & Kit Downes – If you ask me (Slowfoot Records)
Josephine Foster – Soothsayer song (Fire Records)
Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner – The princess suite (The music from Bagpuss, Earth Recordings)
Tracyanne & Danny – It can’t be love unless it hurts (Merge)
Richard Swift – Broken finger blues (Secretly Canadian)


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