Playlist 500: New Releases, Jan 2019

New music in the ether in this new year.*

(*A couple of exceptions, The Shacks who I just learned of lately, released last year, and a few others from end of 2018.)

Music from Oslo, Cork, Berlin, Glasgow, Brooklyn, Brisbane, North Carolina, Athens, Rotterdam, Dublin, Niger, Bavaria, Bilbao, Tucson and more in here.



Lali Puna – Being water (Morr Music)
Coldharbourstores – Disenchantment (Enraptured Records)
Deerhunter – Plains (4AD)
C Duncan – Impossible (Fat Cat)
Tim Presley’s White Fence – I can dream you (Drag City)
Cosmic Range – Breathing water (Idee Fixe Records)
Sarah Louise – Rime (Thrill Jockey)
The Telescopes – Don’t place your happiness in the hands of another (Tapete)
The Last Sound – Cyclical pang (Fort Evil Fruit)
Julia Kent – Crepusculo (The Leaf Label)
Rozi Plain – Symmetrical (Memphis Industries)
North Sea Radio Orchestra – The flower (Bandcamp)
Shana Cleveland – Face of the sun (Hardly Art Records)
The Shacks – Blue and grey (Big Crown Records)
Orkesta Mendoza – Luna de miel (Vacilando ’68)
G Rag & der Landlergschwister – Wir bauen eine neue stadt (Gutfeeling Records)
Snapped Ankles – Rechargeable (The Leaf Label)
Lewsberg – Terrible (self-released)
Mdou Moctar – Kamane Tarhanin (Sahel Sounds)
De Staat – Kitty Kitty (Caroline)
O Emperor – Make it rain (Big Skin Records)
Steve Gunn – Vagabond (Matador)
Whoa Melodic – I will never let you down (wiaiwya)
Paperface – Heaven (Daydream Records)
Robert Forster – Inferno (Brisbane in summer) (Tapete)
Tallies – Trouble (Fear Of Missing Out Records)
Hilma Nikolaisen – Missionary (Fysisk Format)
Elena Setién – The wheel that drives you (Thrill Jockey)
Weyes Blood – Andromeda (Sub Pop)


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