Damon & Naomi + Chris Marker

Here's a fascinating link between the sweeter reaches of dream pop and iconic image-making. Damon & Naomi (in another life, the drummer and bass player in Galaxie 500) release a new album in May, False beats and true hearts, on Broken Horse. And one of the tracks from the album, And you are there, comes accompanied by a still image provided by one Chris Marker. Apparently, the duo have had contact with the legendary French film-essayist in the past and asked if he would like to contribute an image/s to go with this new song, which they tell us was inspired by his work. The inevitably beautiful result is below.

Damon & Naomi with Chris Marker - And You Are There from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Chris Marker

If you're nonplussed by a "music video" which is a still image, bear in mind that Marker's most famous work, La Jetée, consisted almost completely of still images (you're no doubt familiar with the much inferior Hollywood remake by Terry Gilliam called Twelve Monkeys). If you've never heard of Chris Marker by the way, check here for plenty of detail:


You can also download another song from the new Damon & Naomi album, called Walking backwards, here.


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