Efterklang - An island (update)

So we had The Underground of Happiness screening of the Efterklang movie, An island, directed by Vincent Moon. (Sorry if you missed it, but not to worry, read on. Anyway, it was very limited capacity, restricted to the number of people that can fit on my couch, basically - what a select bunch... Check out the website for all the screening details further down the page, and see if you can spot our photo in the gallery here - flickr.com/photos/anisland)

It was very enjoyable. As with all music films, it stands on the quality of the music itself, which of course is very good in this case. My 8-year old wondered about the narrative interludes ("Why are they walking in the forest?") but she found plenty of interest in the musical performances. Even the toughest critic in the room (my wife) was won over. I think my own favourite bit was the accompanying children's orchestra during the school sequence, and in particular the "newspaper section" (kids holding newspapers), rustling away on cue from frontman Casper. (Efterklang run a musical education programme for children called Efterkids.) The "brushing the floor" percussion was a close second.

The really good news is that you can watch the movie online now, go here.


I'm hoping the film might get a public screening in Cork some time, preferably in conjunction with a performance by the band (they played a storming gig at Cyprus Avenue in 2008 with Peter Broderick supporting). Can I suggest in this new venue?


All in all, hats off to Mr Moon and the Efterklangers for pushing the boundaries of the possible.

*And by the way, if you're able to, make a donation on the An island website (link above) - it will make future similar projects more likely.


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