AU sign with The Leaf Label

One of our favourite labels around here, Leaf, has announced the signing of Portland, Oregon duo AU, whose 2008 album Verbs was also much-loved. (Luke Wyland and Dana Valatka played in Cork in 2009 actually and I met Luke for an interview, a piece of audio I must re-upload here once the album comes out.) Their new album Both lights will come out in January, as well as the first single from it, Solid gold. It starts with a tender piano intro, before embarking on a galloping synth groove, and later introduces a stew of guitars, horns and percussion mixing under an Afrobeat rhythm. There's even a hint of brass band oompah at the end. It's all very, very beguiling and I can't wait to hear the album.

AU - 'Solid Gold' by theleaflabel

This is the great rr vs d from Verbs.


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