Days & Nights at the Takeaway

Everyone likes a good takeaway. But this one isn't the kind that gives you a food hangover at 3 o'clock the next morning. It's actually a monthly singles club, conceived by Seb Rochford of jazz fusion outfit Polar Bear, recorded at his own studio and released on The Leaf Label (they've been busy this year already), in the form of a 2-track digital bundle.

Each single will feature a different set of collaborators, along with Rochford himself, and will release on the last Friday of every month. (The "Takeaway" moniker derives from Rochford's studio, which was a food emporium in a previous life.) As you'll notice above, the first release is Love a sacred path, featuring LA poet and singer Gina Loring and British Indian vocalist Ranjana Ghatak. It's got a great ringing vocal delivery and a swirling monster of a backbeat, as you can hear for yourself here.

This is some footage of Gina recording her vocal track in the Takeaway studio.

There's also a filthy/gorgeous remix of the track by LV. Get full info and sign up on this link -

Get going, some eye-catching guests/collaborators are promised throughout the year.


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