Tennis on ATP

New releases on the ATP label are always worth keeping an eye on. They've just announced the signing of Denver's Tennis, with first single from new album Young and old, Origins, due out this side of the world on Feb 13th. And you'll have to travel a long, long way to find a finer slice of alternative pop. Shades of Stereolab in the pulsing organ and fuzzy bass riff, with the female vocals leaning more towards a Lykke Li-style delivery. And backing vocals. Off the beat and so much more than just backing. Overall, intoxicating would be a word.

And on the other side of the double-A is this beauty. Jesus, that woman's voice does things to me. Good things. For those interested, the video, directed by Scott Laidlaw & Frank Rinaldi, also features two pretty girls holding hands, walking through the fields and playing with each other's hair.

Tennis - Deep In The Woods from ATP Concerts & Recordings on Vimeo.


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