Jagwar Ma

A new name on me today, looking like some kind of exotic mis-spelling.

Here's what I know. They (He/She - although they seem like a band) are from Sydney, Australia, according to their facebook page. This song shares something with compatriots Tame Impala, in terms of a strong, 60's, beat-driven foundation. It also ends like a house 12". The opening drumbeat sounds like a 60's sample I just can't put my finger on. It chugs along magnificently, pulling you in its wake. There are handclaps involved. And it's not a little funky.

And the video, which tells us nothing extra about the band.

Nor does this, the B-side, mixed by Ewan Pearson, except that they're fond of clubby breakdowns. Available to buy on Feb 27th, through The Blue Rider label.


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