The Flaming Lips - The soft bulletin

Remember when The Flaming Lips released one of the great pop records of the 1990's (any decade?), The soft bulletin. That was the album that introduced the name of Dave Fridmann to the world, for it was he who recorded it at the then new Tarbox Road Studio. That wild drum sound rocked my world that year. But also the melodies and keyboards used as knock-off orchestras. Backing vocals taking the place of guitar parts. It was a monumental sound and it was all over the radio.

Seeing the band play at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin later that year, on tour with Cornelius, was something like a religious experience for me. That was the time when Wayne Coyne used the puppet nun and fake blood as stage props.

You can relive the whole thing now courtesy of a Pitchfork documentary, featuring all the principals speaking about the background to and recording of the album. Have a listen to Part 2 here, soundtracked by the majestic What is the light.

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