It’s a Musical – For years and years (Morr Music)

Irresistible indie pop from the Berlin-based boy-girl duo Robert Kretzschmar and Ella Blixt, with dual lead vocals, infectious drumbeats and swirling organ riffs. If that description makes you think of Quasi, there is something of their aesthetic going on, although this pair operate at a less frenetic pace. This (their second album) is full of perfect pop songs like Point Back, Team that never wins (an Eleventh Hour cover), Pictures, The dream and the title track, one of the sweetest, most defiant putdowns in the pop canon. They also have one ear firmly on the dancefloor. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to get enough of this. Highly recommended.

*Extra kudos for the name, to my mind answering the ageless question, “What kind of music do you play?”.


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