A few shorts - M Ward, The first time I ran away

A few short bits prompted by this week's playlist.

Spent the last week or so captivated by the new M Ward album, A Wasteland Companion, it's on Bella Union this side of the pond.

And I've found a lot of my love for it so far funnelled into one song, The first time I ran away. It's like a memory of a David Gates song (brushed acoustic, high tone bass) given a dreamy, psychedelic hue with filtered strings and pedal steel, a choir of background "oohs" and barely there tom tom tattoos by Steve Shelley. To call it beautiful doesn't begin to do it justice. If you're anything like me, you'll find it beautiful like oxygen is beautiful.

The animated video by Joel Trussell is also great, giving the nostalgia and surreal undertones full flow.


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