Alien Ensemble – Modest farewell (from the s/t album on Alien Transistor)

You’ll know the name Micha Acher from his bands The Notwist and Tied & Tickled Trio. This Alien Ensemble sees him hook up with some old friends, including a couple of colleagues from The Notwist.

There’s nothing electronic here though. The instrumentation consists of double bass, drums, vibraphone, trumpet, saxophone, trombone.

It’s the sound of jazz alright but the key is the word ensemble, a wonderfully sympathetic band ambience, miles away from that awful “series of soloists” you sometimes get in the so-called upper reaches of the genre. It’s satisfyingly democratic, everyone working in service to the tune, not just holding a spotlight on the leader.

I particularly love the brass and reed build towards the end here, accompanied by a busying flurry of high hat.

Tasty, groovy and unassuming – three good things on a plate.


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