Astronauts – End codes (Lo Recordings)

A second album from Dan Carney (and friends) full of his signature hushed motorik, that wonderful combination of soft but insistent backbeats and sotto voce vocals.

Things to expect -

-the beautiful kosmische drift of ‘Civil Engineer’ and ‘Recondition’.
-the twinkling psych folk edge to ‘You can turn it off’ and ‘Hider’.
-the great brooding atmosphere of ‘A break in the code, a cork in the stream’ helped by a bass rumble, droning woodwind and wonderfully tense mandolin-style guitar strumming.
-the impassioned vocal of ‘Breakout’.
-the whirring menace of ‘Skeleton’ while it sparkles and shifts gloriously.
-the lovely sturdy organic feel to the instruments, typically warm picked acoustic guitars, warbling organs and middy snare beats.

Another triumph of subtly insinuating, slightly melancholy yet ultimately strangely joyous pop music.


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