Christine & the Queens – Tilted (from the album Chaleur humaine, Because Music)

It’s fitting that this should turn out to be one of the songs of the year in which David Bowie and Prince both died, although it first came out last year.

Gender bending. Adventurous. Progressive. That’s Héloise Letissier.

That warped bass intro is second nature by now.

And that great pitter patter secondary bass line.

This is one of those songs you probably need the video more than most. Her dancing is part of the expression. A partner to her singing. Characterful. Individual. A little bit defiant.

It does the heart good to see the mainstream subject to an intervention like this.

*And for full live effect, also below is her performance of the song on Jools Holland a few months back, in a genius medley with ‘I feel for you’.


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