Trashcan Sinatras – Let me inside (Or let me out) (from the album Wild pendulum)

One of my highlights of the year so far has been a new album by Trashcan Sinatras (a band I once bumped into in Waterloo Station in London while wearing one of their t-shirts, but that’s another story...).

Wild pendulum is another collection of swoonsome pop songs as you’d expect topped off with Frank Reader’s wonderful velvety tones. I think it’s up there with their best work which is really something 20 odd years into a career.

This is one of the album’s highpoints. It manages to be both euphoric and strangely downbeat at the same time.

The band let loose their inner Beach Boys with suspended strings, brass, vibes, guitar fuzz and the works.

Their grasp of the art of the pop song is undiminshed after all these years. How to breathe it full of ideas and emotion.

Tremendous fucking stuff.

*There’s no streaming version I can find online but this live rendition from a couple of months back is a great version of the song.

**It brings me back to this absolute gem of all humanity which viewers of No Disco in the mid 1990s may recall...


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