Playlist 460 - Sept 19 2017

A few themes in this week’s show.

Female folk artists.

Bedouine, bringing a great soulful touch (and a Middle Eastern tinge if you listen closely) to a sound reminiscient of 60’s folk pop.
Lean Year, a male-female duo in fact, but a psychedelic swirl of intrigue amidst hushed melodies.

Something cosmic.

Colleen, using a Moog to convey the universe, gorgeously.
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, using a Buchla Music Easel to create brilliantly light and playful electronic tunes.

And Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, a genius orchestra with swing or is it jazz sound.

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Playlist 460
Tues Sept 19 2017
(repeated on Tuesdays 8.30pm)
UCC 98.3FM
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Bedouine – Solitary daughter
Lean Year – Her body in the sky
Caroline Says – I think I’m alone now
Diagnos – Fading light
Modern Studies – Curlew
Chris Tye – Love on the line
Lali Puna – Deep dream
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Vula
Colleen – One warm spark (playing St John's on Bethnal Green, London, Dec 9)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Careen
Yorkston Thorne Khan – Samant Saarang/Just a bloke (playing Black Box, Belfast, Nov 2)
Katie Von Schleicher – Midsummer (playing Islington Assembly Hall, London, Nov 10)
School Damage – No ideas left
The Stevens – Chancer
Ariel Pink – Feels like heaven
Martin Carr – Future reflections

*next week's show features music from Hater, This is the Kit & Solo Collective, among others

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