St Vincent – New York (from the album Masseduction, Loma Vista Recordings/Caroline)

It’s good to have St Vincent in the world.

And it’s good to have St Vincent back in pop music.

I imagine most people’s view of this song will be coloured by the staggering video which is a breathtaking pop art meets surrealist confection directed by Alex Da Corte.

But for me this song nods back to her first album a little when the music was as baroque and intriguing as her choice of moniker.

In particular the moment the massed bank of St Vincents in the chorus sing these lines -

I have lost a hero
I have lost a friend

One of this year's anthems I can feel it in my bones.

I wonder if those lines are a reference to David Bowie but the uplift of emotion is glorious in any case.

It could just be a love letter to the home of art pop.

Or a hymn to motherfuckers everywhere.



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