Antonymes - A licence to interpret dreams (Hidden Shoal)

Antonymes - A licence to interpret dreams (Hidden Shoal)

A deceptively simple set of neo-classical instrumentals (there is spoken word on one track), featuring piano, atmospherics and heart-swelling orchestral arrangements, from north Wales' Ian Hazeldine. There's a stillness and glacial beauty about these tunes which inevitably bring existential matters to mind. The maritime pull of The siren, hopelessly lost, for example. Or The Gospel Pass, with a religious bearing brought on by a solemn church organ. The single Endlessly somehow draws a rumbling chord from a series of ineffable tones. An unexpected muted trumpet fanfare opens The door towards the dream, followed by a female soprano signalling the stars. The Reichian piano structure of A light from the heavens is gradually submerged under yearning cellos. Honestly, the fact that one man/the world can produce an album this gorgeous gives hope for the future of the human race.

*I must say also that ambient opener A fragile acceptance reminds me a little of one of Joe Hisaishi's Studio Ghibli soundtracks - and no higher recommendation than that could a piece of instrumental music have for me.

Antonymes - 'Endlessly' from Hidden Shoal Recordings on Vimeo.


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